Rimless Frag Tank

4x2 Rimless Acrylic Coral Tank

Our first frag tank after our 2014 relocation. EcoTech Marine XR15w Pro using stock lenses with RMS fixtures. 1/2" thick sides rimless.

24ft Sump foundation

24ft Sump Foundation

The central artery of our setup under construction. 24ft x 2ft x 2ft. Framed using 2x4 lumber, PT for all parts contacting concrete.

Fish Wall

Fish Wall

At our original location, this is what our fish for sale lived in after quarantine. Mr. Aqua 12 gallon long tanks drilled for return and drain on the rear panel. Lit up with Ecoxotic 12K Stunner LEDs. This was all suspended on the wall using Elfa shelving!