Nowadays, e-Commerce websites have all but lost their personal touch. They're simply catalogs of products from which you must dig through and figure out on your own what you should buy.

At Aquaful, we want to bring the personality and knowledge back to online shopping. We only sell products from brands that we trust that stand behind their products and often only products that we've tried ourselves. This takes more work on our end and you may not see every product that you're looking for listed here, but this will always be an organic and growing body of work as new products come to market and prior products become discontinued. When in doubt, just ask us!

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German quality and design since 1960.

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Leading LED and powerhead maker. Integrated cloud solutions.

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Simple, elegant designs. Commercial and consumer grade lighting. Pico tanks.

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Makers of modern all-in-one systems

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The most reputable and scientifically grounded aquatic additive manufacturer that we know.

Coming soon...

Our favorite RO/DI manufacturer. Reputable, technical, and reliable.

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Natural ATS

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