Automation for an aquarium is all about making keeping an aquarium easier. Think of all the things that you do to maintain your aquarium and imagine that there's a system doing it for you instead. Then you can spend more of your time enjoying the aquarium instead of working on the upkeep.

The most common and undeniably necessary form of automation for an aquarium is automatic top off or ATO. The ATO is not only important for keeping your pumps from running dry, but it's also important for keeping water conditions like salinity stable.

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Tunze invented the first mechanism for topping off an aquarium back in 1985. Utilizing either an optical sensor or a mechanical float switch, a pump is activated which refills the tank. Their ATO solution comes in two forms, a nano size and a full size. Their ATOs are called Osmolators, since they are osmotic regulators.

Aquaful uses the full size Tunze Osmolator to top off all our systems!