Water, though abundant, is certainly one of our most precious resources. RO/DI systems are designed to strip minerals and other dissolved solids out of your water supply to turn it into pure water, free of any contaminants. Such water is often referred to as RO/DI water or 0 TDS (total dissolved solids) water.

Not all RO/DI systems are made equal. The primary ways that they differ are in filtering capacity, the amount of pure water they can produce in a given amount of time, and in their waste ratio which is the amount of water it flushes to the amount of water it produces.

We only use and recommend one brand, Spectrapure, for all RO/DI producing needs. They have greatly specced out filtration systems, clear instructions, and top notch customer support.

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Buying Guide

Spectrapure manufactures a line of RO/DI systems called their UHE or Ultra High Efficiency series. Each of these filters has a 1:1 or better ratio producing at least 1 part of filtered 0 TDS water to 1 part of waste.

Membrane flushing is an often overlooked part of maintaining an RO/DI system. These units will automatically flush the water for you!

In our mind, this is the best system you can go with. It doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles of more expensive models like automatic membrane flush but it has all the parts to a great system that just requires a little more manual maintenace.